Marc Ravaris, ID&CMS Founder

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mortarboard_center_tilted_150_150Hello and welcome to our website. I’m Marc Ravaris, M.Ed., the founder of ID&CMS. I moved back to Bellingham from Seattle in 2002 in order to pursue a long-standing life’s goal of becoming an educator, after spending over 30 years employed in the media production industry. My original interest was to teach TESOL (ESL). I obtained the TESOL certificate, and a B. A. in Spanish from Western Washington University (WWU, 2003). I wanted to experience being a language learner myself before teaching language to others.

As I progressed, I became interested in the design and implementation of blended and online courses  (instructional design), probably as a result of my existing fascination in technology. The discipline of Instructional Design allows me to combine my new  passions for lifelong education (adult ed.) and the use of technology. I enjoy in-classroom teaching and see it continuing to have a valuable place in education, but also see the value in the internet, online education, and educational technology as powerful tools to enhance  the transfer of learning, and having the potential to bring more accessible education to broader communities, both locally and on a global scale. I especially find blended course design and delivery of interest, as it allows educators to utilize the best of both the face-to-face (F2F) and virtual environments.

After operating a gourmet sausage stand for 8 years while working as a part-time TESOL instructor, I decided to augment my education and obtained a master’s degree in adult education from Western Washington University (WWU) which I completed in June, 2012. To enhance my design skills, I took a web design course while getting my the master’s. Instructional Design is dependent on web-based applications, and as designers make extensive use of content management systems (CMS) and learning management systems (LMS), it is important to have a basic understanding of how these platforms operate. I prefer to use the Canvas LMS, am a Canvas certified authorized trainer (CAT, level 1), and am currently enrolled in the  level 2 cohort program (expect t  level 2 certification in the fall of 2013).

As business owner, I still operate a sausage stand in downtown Bellingham. However, I am focusing on a my new career in lifelong (adult) education Specializing in the areas of; instructional design, educational technology, WordPress site development, content development and management, multimedia production, eLearning applications, and program development.

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